We are proud of our jewellery company that has continued from our ancestors to present-time in producing special designs with the talented teams in our workshop to represent our business career in a global level.

According to our customers’ life style and social statues, we produce special designs considering current fashion perspectives with a strong interest of special jewellery and we exhibit them in our stores to satisfy all customers’ expectations.

Our main principles is to produce limited numbers of designs with using gold to shape precious gems such as diamond, ruby, emerald and saphir. In order to create these jewellery designs, one of our principles is also to take into account distincts and novelties in fashion and clothing to continue as an unique company. Integrating elegance with distinicts and novelties in jewellery design, we are so excited to produce special jewellery in our workshop to introduce different countries in the world. To follow this vision, at the end of 2017 and at the beginning of 2018, we will attend international jewellery fairs in Hong Kong and Dubai to exhibit our special designs for customers and we are so excited and proud of presenting our products at the international level.